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6 Tips To Avoid The Crowds In Bali

bali crownds

Bali is famous for the beaches, the markets and the people. It’s famous for the luxury hotels, the amazing bars and clubs, and the numerous activities on the island. If you are an Australian and haven’t been to Bali, then you will likely get weird looks. If you are an American and have been to Bali, then your friends will be envious of your travels to what they call an exotic island. Aside from the beauty, Bali is also famous…

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alila villas uluwatu

Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali

For bookings, email me at [email protected] So my opinion of Bali has changed. Having been there 3 times growing up as a kid and then working in Bali at Club Med for 7 months I thought I would never go…