Inspecting the new Singapore Airlines A380

Singapore Airlines new A380

Having been in the air for just over a month now (at time of writing – Jan 2018), the Singapore Airlines new A380 on the Sydney – Singapore route has been receiving amazing feedback. With a completely new fit out for the first class suites and business class cabins, plus an update to the premium economy and economy cabins, Singapore Airlines is setting the standard high for the industry.

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to be invited on an inspection of the new aircraft to see how it stacked up compared to the older A380s. Although I was only on the aircraft for around 20 minutes, it’s definitely a product that is steps above other airlines I have been on, and most of all, a huge step up compared to the older Singapore Airlines product.


Instead of entering the plane on the main cabin where the older suites were located, the new first class is on the upper deck at the front of the cabin. The noticable difference is that there are now only 6 suites, compared to the 12 previously, but the size of the new suites are absolutely huge. The extra space now allows for both a leather Poltrona Frau seat plus a fully flat bed.

Like the older suites, if you are travelling with a companion you are able to let down the divider between which will join the suites together and also create a double bed. This can be done in suites 1A, 2A & 1K, 2K.

The chair in the new suites allow you to freely swivel and also recline up to 45 degrees which gives you a lot more flexibility. The  bed can also be retracted so if you want that little bit of extra room then you will have that option too. Unfortunately as I was on an inspection tour only, we were unable to open the bed due to the cabin crew and  passengers coming on board after we left for their flight to Singapore.

The 32 inch touchscreen monitor allows you to watch a huge range of tv’s and movies from anywhere in the suite and the new Krisworld system allows you to save your preferences or playlist.

Another very noticable difference compared to the older suites is the bathroom. The new a380 has two first class bathrooms at the front of the plane on the upper deck and walking in, you realise how much space there is. Maybe even a bit more than some apartment bathrooms. Unlike Emirates, the one thing Singapore Airlines decided not to go with was a shower. I know some travellers think the shower is a great idea, but I still don’t get excited about it and haven’t really found the need where I have to shower mid flight.

Overall, the new first class suite is a huge improvement and I would say it’s a game changer for the airline. Now it’s just time for me to find some frequent flyer availability for my next trip.

sq a380 suite

Trying out the new Poltrona Frau seat

singapore airlines suite

Singapore airlines first class

One of the single suites

Singapore airlines suite

First Class Suite bathroom


Singapore Airlines has updated it’s business class a few times and this recent addition is a hit an miss. You will either love it or just like it. With a lot of noticable changes there are some positives and negatives but all of this is just my personal opinion, which I am comparing to the older business class on the 777 and older a380s.

The layout of the new business class has stayed the same with the 1-2-1 layout so everyone has access to the aisles. I am glad they have kept it this way, unlike a few other airlines who have decided that business class should be 2-3-2 (not naming and shaming today).

The first thing I noticed about the new business class is the width of the seat. I was always a huge fan of Singapore Airlines business class due to how wide it was compared to other airlines and I think they have totally missed the mark with this one. The improvement on this however is if you are sitting in the middle seats, the divider can be completely lowered to create a double bed, which the older business class did not have.

Unlike the older seats, which you had to flip over to create your bed, the new business class is able to fully recline into a flat bed. As usual, you have the weird angled sleeping position and being 190cm, I still feel quite cramped with my feet tucked in the little cubby holes.

The positives with a seat that isn’t as wide, is that there is a lot more space for stowage. My personal opinion is that I would prefer more seat space but the reviews and feedback so far might say otherwise.

singapore airlines business class

Trying out the new business class seats

singapore airlines business class

The new business class seat. Unfortunately it’s not as wide as previous versions

singapore airlines business class

My major gripe. The little foot cubby. I am not a fan of the angled sleeping position

singapore airlines business class


Although the first class suites and business class cabin would be my preference for flying (like most I would say), the cabin that I was extremely impressed with was premium economy. I haven’t flown in premium economy for a while now due to using my points to fly business class, but with points slowly running out, the premium economy cabin is one that I would consider looking at for when I am paying. Especially on the Sydney – Asia trips.

The first thing you notice is the space in the cabin and around the seat. Being a tall guy, I get cramped very easily. In the new premium economy, I was able to sit comfortably without my knees hitting the seat infront and also not feeling like a sardine in economy.

Premium economy passengers also get the option of “book the cook” where you are able to pre-book what your meals will be. There are not as many options as first and business class but there are some great options available and it’s always better than when the only choices are chicken or fish.

Singapore Airlines premium economy

Premium economy

Singapore Airlines premium economy

Premium economy


The new economy class seats have a very good 32 inch seat pitch that also comes with a 6-way headrest to help with that little bit of extra comfort.

The seats now have a cup holder so you don’t have to have your tray table open to store your drink and they have also got rid of the control for the entertainment with all of the screens now being touch activated.

For me, economy is economy. I am always going to be cramped being tall so for me if there is a good seat pitch and top service, like you get with Singapore Airlines, that is who I am going to choose.

Singapore Airlines economy

Economy class

Singapore Airlines premium economy

Do you want to experience the Singapore Airlines cabins including the First Class Suite, new Business Class or updated Premium Economy or Economy?

For more information on how to make a booking or for a custom quote, please contact me here

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