Yes, I flew Singapore Airlines First Class Suites for under $100

Singapore Airlines First Class Suite

The Singapore Airlines First Class Suite has always been a product that I’ve wanted to try but never realistically thought about how I would experience it. Have you seen the price tag? I neither have the money to pay for it, or if I did, how could I justify that price for an 8 hour flight from Sydney to Singapore? I’ve always collected points here and there through the Virgin Money credit card and over a 6 year period. I think I had accumulated 121k points…nothing really to boast about and definitely not enough to sit at the pointy end of the plane with family.

Recently over the last two years, I was reading more and more about points hacking and how people collect points and fly business and first class regularly. Since then, I have been collecting a monster of Virgin Velocity points, through credit card sign up bonuses, a home loan and referrals via my credit card. I had a points balance of close to 800k points, just by being smart about which credit cards I signed up to. I never spent extra to earn points. I never went out of my way to buy things that I didn’t need, it’s all about the bonuses and the right cards for what you spend.

Anyway, back to the pointy end. I had built up enough Velocity points for tickets on the a380 Singapore Airlines First Class Suite and the experience is a once in a life time. I transferred the Velocity points over to my Singapore Airlines Kris Fly account which has a conversion of 1.35 to 1 and booked (80,000 KrisFlyer Miles + taxes need to be paid and are approximately $85 per person – yes under $100 for this flight). The suite cabin is made up of 12 seats, with the middle suites turning into a double bed, so I logged on right away to grab it, booked my meal and counted down the days until it was time to fly.

Sydney Airport First Class Lounge

March 22nd, it was the day I had been waiting for. I turned up at the airport nice and early to make use of the first class lounge and tried everything on the menu (well not everything, but a lot) + a few glasses of champagne. A recommendation at the Sydney airport Singapore Airlines First Class Lounge would be the duck pancakes and also the congee. From the lounge we were called for boarding and walked onto the plane. It’s what I had been waiting for…

It was first world problems at its best. Being addressed as “Mr Wilson” – which I could not care less about; a glass of Dom Perignon – first time for that; lobster for my main meal – lobster on a plane?; and a private room (or suite as they call it) that would put some apartments to shame. It was the best use of frequent flyer points that you could imagine.

singapore airlines first class suite

The experience is out of this world. Everything you could imagine has been taken care of and the staff treat you like a king (or queen), making sure that you are comfortable (who isn’t on a double bed in the sky). You forget that you are on a plane.8 hours in the air wasn’t enough.

The only downside to flying first class is that I’ll have to start earning and saving more frequent flyer points…leaving the pointy end is definitely going to be hard.

singapore airlines first class suite


singapore airlines first class suite

singapore airlines first class suite

singapore airlines first class suite

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    Harmony, Momma To Go
    September 30, 2017 at 10:51 am

    this is awesome! we do some points hacking we recently went to california for 8 days, family of four and paid for no flights and like two hotel nights. this sounds divine! I have never had dom either, and i do love my champs!

    • neverendingtraveller
      October 1, 2017 at 12:54 am

      How great is it when you don’t have to pay for the flights…which airline did you fly when you used your points?

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