A Photography Tour Around Spain’s Top Cities

Top places to photograph in Spain

Spain is one of the greatest holiday destinations on the planet. Friendly people, affordable prices, and a wide variety of activities to do within miles of sunny sands and rocky mountains. It boasts excellent cuisine, a country with a marvellous history and legacy inspired by many different cultures. Visitors ask themselves what to see when visiting Spain, and in this post you will find the top spots to photography when visiting Spain’s main cities.

Madrid – cultural majesty

Madrid is the most lively city in Spain, and is also its capital. Majestic boulevards, beautiful parks and friendly people. The city’s golden architecture, rich culinary traditions and an epic nightlife make it a must on any trip to Spain. Visitors must see:

Lavapies madrid

Tapas; Travelers discover cultures by food, and a great place to understand this is Lavapies. Here you will find an amazing selection of tapas bars spread throughout the medieval streets.


Palacio de Comunicaciones Madrid

Plaza de la Cibeles; A place that evokes Madrid’s imperial splendour. Photograph the stunning Palacio de Comunicaciones.


Plaza Mayor Madrid

Plaza Mayor. Built in 1616, this beautiful square in the Spanish capital offers a unique view on city life.


Barcelona – trendy airs

Barcelona is the cosmopolitan capital of the proud region of Catalonia. It has been the main port of the Mediterranean sea for centuries and it’s industrial past and art-nouveau legacy left by Gaudi makes it the perfect place to visit with a camera at hand.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia; The famous church designed by Antoni Gaudi, expected to be finished by 2026, has a unique complexity beyond its beauty. Each facade has a different meaning. It is visited by an average number of 3 million people per year.


The Basilica De Santa Maria Del Pi 14Th Century In The Gothic Quarter Of The City. Barcelona, Spain

The Gothic Quarter; The most visited district of Barcelona. 2000 years ago it was a Roman enclave with its alleys and dark corners. Full of stories, it serves as a symbol for the rich history that Barcelona has.


Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya; Located at the slopes of the Montjuic hill is the perfect place to take some of the best pictures of the city.


Bilbao – the unexpected duality

The spanish city that has a twist of contrasts in every corner. A city that is tucked away in the greenish lure of the Basque Country, futuristic and old, is a great place to photograph the uniqueness of Spain.

Old Town Of Bilbao, Basque Country

The Casco Viejo neighborhood is the oldest part of Bilbao and its Food Market is the best place to picture the animated expressions of locals while they engage with vendors buying food products for their recipes.


The Guggenheim

The Guggenheim is a must visit for anyone passing through Bilbao. Beyond the giant spider and massive flower sculptures, get on a boat and picture the museum from the basque waters.


La Alhondiga

Picture La Alhondiga’s iconic building. Former wine warehouse, today is a cultural and leisure space that offers a wide range of activities designed by the famous architect Philippe Starck.


Sevilla – where the locals dance

Famous for its Flamenco dancing, the city of Sevilla in Spain boast centuries of history and legacy with a laid back atmosphere that seduces its visitors. It is a great place to picture the spanish past.

Alcázar castle

The ornate Alcázar castle complex is a breathtaking spectacle. Originally built as a fort, it has been developed with different purposes for around 11 centuries.


Cathedral Of Saint Mary, Seville, Spain.

The Sevilla Gothic Cathedral is one of the most visited spots in town. It is an stunning building that deserves more than one shot.


Metropol Parasol

Metropol Parasol has an unusual design for a city like Sevilla, locally known as las setas (the mushrooms) it has become somehow a city icon, and a perfect spot for photography lovers.


Granada – the moors legacy

Located in the famous southern Andalusia region, Granada is the city that reminds the visitor about the medieval days when the Iberian peninsula was occupied by the Moors.


The Alhambra. A beautiful moorish palace with gardens. Its reddish walls, views over the city, gardens and charm makes it one of the top spots in Spain to visit.


Alhambra Of Granada, Andalusia, Spain

The Lions Square. One of the most amazing structures within the Alhambra, it used to be the royal harem.

Huerta de San Vicente

Huerta de San Vicente, previously Federico Garcia Lorca´s summer house where he wrote most of his best-known books. It is a trip back into an early 1900s country villa.


Author: Andre Arriaza – avid traveler, aid worker, and blogger. He is currently, eating his way around and learning every possible aspect about local gastronomy. You can follow him on his ulinary adventures in Barcelona here. 

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