An Experience On One Of The World’s Best Islands

El Nido, Palawan through Pangulasian Island El Nido Resort – by Maria Yap

Luxury Travel to me is is defined by my purpose. For this trip my purpose would be – top resort rating, eco-luxury, 5-star service. Pangulasian Island Resort it is!

As I listen to Café Del Mar’s Tidal by Shook, this is how I felt when I travelled to El Nido, Palawan in April 2017. Not a first timer but words cannot describe how naturally grand this destination truly is. However it was a first time staying at Pangulasian Island Resort of El Nido. They take care of you from the moment you arrive at the airport with the premium boat transfer, greeted by what looks like island castle mountains on the aquamarine crystal clear water. You catch yourself at awe (like the destination of the Jurassic Park movie…of course without dinosaurs). Finally at the resort – chilled towels were served upon docking, a welcome drink and most importantly an eco-introduction to caring for this island paradise.

Welcome to island heaven.

Pangulasian Island Resort

The idea was simply to rest and relax. But first, check-in. After receiving our keys – in a six-seater caddy fashion, we were brought to our villa (Canopy Villa) in comfort while seeing the wild nature (including animals) around the resort, our luggage to be brought in the villa personally by a luggage handler.

Enjoying the suite – Modern Filipino. Elegant, natural, and comfortable. You feel the luxurious bed and bath in your villa. The idea was simply to rest and relax but after hearing what the island and nature had to offer, we decided to make the most of our inclusive 3 day, 2 night stay.

Pangulasian Island Resort

The Island Tour – magical. My friend and I selectively chose the big lagoon tour. How does EL NIDO Resort plan this for you? With an environmental and historical tour – a classic island boat (Bangka), around the majestic beach-island. In April, a warm, sunny month in the Philippines, the water shines clear and the sun brightens the islands to a tropical paradise.Each island may look similar, but touring around each one, it helps you appreciate the pristine landscape of El Nido.

The Meals – Food for comfort. Breakfast buffet, a variety of fresh and continental awaits you to get you started for the day. Although lunch and dinner may leave you with different opinions, try their pizza. Trust me on this, I know pizza!

The Experience – like no other. Here you feel the friendliness of Filipinos, the elegance of their culture away from the city, and the generosity of nature. For this trip, I said no cameras, no phones, just the white sand, island, beach, and me. I was truly happy. Checking-out left me happy to have an experience like this in my life and sad that I have to go home. Is it worth it for the price? if you find a good deal – yes. But I’d say that even if you don’t, you should try it at least once. Would I go back?


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