Why Travelling Makes Your Life Better

How travel changes your perspective

Let me remind you of how travel changes your perspective and why travelling makes your life better.

Face it, no one who has travelled will come back absolutely hating the experience. Amidst the long flights, losing your life savings and maybe even a case of food poisoning, there are still so many things you are capable of taking back from travelling. You tend to find that the person who you were before travelling is no longer existent as you take on a new, more confident persona. 

Socialization and Making New Friends

Whether you are travelling solo, with friends or family, you are bound to meet new people throughout your travels. It may just be asking for directions to the nearby bus stop, or it could be one of those spontaneous nights out drinking at a bustling bar full of locals.

Whatever the situation may be, the interaction you have with the people in the area will always be a large influence towards the impression you have towards each city. The more different a person is to you, the more fascinating their stories will be. So take the time to start up a conversation with the old man with the bushy moustache sitting beside you on the bench, or the lady with the vintage sweater that you can’t stop wondering where she purchased from. 

In a generation where social media has become so advanced, it is so much easier to connect with people and before you know it, you will have friends from all different parts of the world!

Learning About the World and About Yourself

Travel takes you out of your comfort zone. You may be thrown into the deep end, face challenges and unexpected situations – all of which will let you grow as a person. You will learn to prioritize what really matters.  And I’m not saying that just because you can’t pack your entire wardrobe into your suitcase. I’m talking about how travel lets you get rid of all the unnecessary things we worry about in life, and prioritizing real life interactions instead of focusing on the digital connections we have through our phones.

Getting Some ‘YOU’ Time – Reflecting On Yourself and Developing As a Person

This is similar to point #2, but let’s just say, that between your daily life of work, socialisation and other tasks, you tend to ignore or put aside ‘me time’. However travelling – especially traveling solo, gives you the opportunity to reflect on yourself and hey, you might learn something new about yourself along the way. And what better place to do it than on the pristine beaches of Croatia or while visiting The Louvre in Paris? Sometimes travelling to get away from your life problems actually ends up giving you more answers along the way. Food for thought?

It Will Make You 100 Times More Interesting

The stories you take home whether it be the time you skied naked down the snowy mountains of the Canadian Alps, taking a spontaneous train trip to an unknown city, or the wildlife conservation program you took part in in Africa will be stories you’d want to talk about at every opportunity given. And your family and friends that took part in these adventures with you will be willing to reminisce with you for the rest of your life. All the amazing adventures and embarrassing memories will definitely be ones you’d want to hold onto, as they will be the icebreakers to any social gathering. Plus, making someone laugh with your stories will definitely be a self-esteem booster!

It Will Make you more adaptable

After finding your way through a country that doesn’t speak your language, learning to adapt in a new city and getting accustomed to a different culture, you end up finding that you are indeed, capable of anything that life may throw at you. Although cultures, languages and values may differ between countries, the skills you adapt throughout these experiences will give you confidence to repeat each process anywhere you desire to go.

It Will Make you more employable

You’ve travelled the world alone, handled awkward situations, and dealt with a lot of different kinds of people. It may be safe to say, that through travelling, you’ve come to learn a lot of skills that are crucial in any work environment. And of course these life skills are something you can never learn from a textbook or lecture in class. You can only learn from real life experiences.

So at your next job interview, take the skills you have learnt, along with the confidence, capability to socialise with others, and maybe a few entertaining stories of your travels for back up because these will definitely make you stand out from the crowd!

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