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A Photography Tour Around Spain’s Top Cities

Top places to photograph in Spain

Spain is one of the greatest holiday destinations on the planet. Friendly people, affordable prices, and a wide variety of activities to do within miles of sunny sands and rocky mountains. It boasts excellent cuisine, a country with a marvellous history and legacy inspired by many different cultures. Visitors ask themselves what to see when visiting Spain, and in this post you will find the top spots to photography when visiting Spain’s main cities. Madrid – cultural majesty Madrid is…

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Xcalak Mexico

What It’s Really Like To Live On A Caribbean Beach

Travel south from the top of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and you’ll pass through tourist-metropolis Cancun, resort-packed Playa del Carmen, and laid-back Tulum. These towns all have something in common – beautiful beaches and plenty of tourists. If you prefer…

An Experience On One Of The World’s Best Islands

El Nido, Palawan through Pangulasian Island El Nido Resort – by Maria Yap Luxury Travel to me is is defined by my purpose. For this trip my purpose would be – top resort rating, eco-luxury, 5-star service. Pangulasian Island…