6 Places You Must Visit In Singapore

places you must visit in Singapore

Where are the top places to visit in Singapore? I’m sure there 101 blogs out there telling you the best places to go and the best restaurants to try so I won’t try to compete with those. Actually I will!!!

Having been to Singapore around 7 times in the past 4 years I like to explore different places each time. Now Singapore isn’t somewhere most people go 7 times but we generally fly with Singapore Airlines so we use it as a stopover on route to our next destination. It’s a great city for a few days and it’s nice and close to the airport, so you don’t feel like you have to travel very far once getting off the plane. Once in the city, nothing is too far away so here are a few places you must visit in Singapore.


The Famous Dim Sum

Man Fu Yuan at the Intercontinental Singapore in Bugis Junction is one of my favourites. It is on the expensive side and the menu is limited for dim sum but don’t let that turn you away. Everything on the menu is delicious and maybe that’s why it has won the Best Asian Restaurants Award. All of the dishes are carefully handcrafted and the creation of flavours is something that you don’t get on most menus. Make sure you try the steamed mince pork dumplings with quail egg or the eight treasures glutinous rice with chicken, they will surely impress.Dim sum in Singapore


Ding Dong

No, this is not what you are thinking. Im not sending you to a seedy club or anything like that. Ding Dong is famous for its playful take on traditional Asian cuisine. The dishes are influenced by modern gastronomy and will take you on a journey through Asia. The restaurant is on Amoy Street, not far from Club Street where the general focal point is about food, cocktails and clubs. The dish that I would highly recommend trying is Lobster tail in tom yum broth with sriracha crab cake.Ding Dong Singapore


Singapore River Safari

Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park have always been on the list of what to do in Singapore and yes they are great, but the latest attraction is the River Safari. The park offers an amazing experience and adventure, all of the parks areas inspired by some of the world’s most famous rivers. Explore the Mississippi River to get an insiders look at the beaver or maybe the Mekong River, where you will be able to see stingray and catfish. The park is also home to the Giant Panda Forest where you can meet Kai Kai and Jia Jia. Now when most people here about the River Safari they think that’s it’s just another zoo with caged animals. Everything is very tastefully done and the animals have huge amounts of room to freely move, or swim and I would say to just go there and experience it for yourself.Singapore River Safari


Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay and Supertree Grove will be on most blogs of places to see in Singapore and that is fine. The nature park houses three waterfront gardens with trees, flowers and plants from around the world and it’s all about making Singapore transform into a garden city. Head outside to Supertree Grove to see the vertical gardens which reach heights of up to 50m. At night, these trees come to life with a fun display of lights and music so make sure you take your camera.Super tree grove singapore


Lau Pa Sat Hawker Centre

Probably the most popular hawker centre in Singapore is Lau Pa Sat, not far from Raffles Place. It’s noisy, exciting and crowded! Seating up to 2500 people and open 24 hours per day, the food choices are endless so don’t go there expecting a quiet meal. With the choice of most cuisines at Lau Pa Sat, take a walk around before you make your final decision on what to eat and make sure to get your table before picking your food, especially during peak times as a seat can be hard to find – leave a business card or get someone to hold the seats when you find one. For locals, they say Lau Pa Sat isn’t the choice for Singaporean dishes but with so many choices the atmosphere being electric and the sights of the amazing old venue I’d say to give it a go.lau pa sat singapore



So this was the first time that I have gone to karaoke. I may go again but I am pretty much a grandpa (yes, 33 years old).The reason is karaoke is on the list of things to do in Singapore is that every person that I went with had fun and still talk about it to this day. I was in Singapore earlier in the year for a wedding and the night before, we were taken out to do a very Singaporean activity…sing. I agreed and I didn’t want to be a party pooper. We arrived at 930pm and had paid for an hour, so at 1030pm I thought “that was fun, time to sleep”. I was so wrong and by 130am we finished. Seeing everyone having fun, smiling, laughing and off-key singing made this a night to remember so if you are by yourself and don’t like singing, then I’d say this isn’t for you but if you are in a group then you should definitely check it out at least once. For a truly Singaporean karaoke experience head to one of the Party World venues across the city. That rounds up our recommendations on what to do in Singapore.

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