3 Countries That Have The World’s Best Coffee

world's best coffee

Living in Australia, I have probably been spoilt with the amount of coffee shops to choose from. With so many different blends, you come to realise that having coffee isn’t just about the energy boost. It’s more about the flavour, the culture and social aspect of knowing your local barista.

When I travel, my morning coffee is something that I don’t want to give up and to be honest, not all countries know how to make a half decent coffee. I’m always on the lookout for a small little coffee shop but they aren’t always the easiest to find. USA is an example of this, with it’s coffee reputation being pretty poor. The coffee scene is slowly changing over there, especially in the larger cities, but there is still quite a way to go. Singapore is another country that is slowly improving but needs to work on the price, with the cost at some coffee shops getting close to SGD$10 per cup…ridiculous!

So there are examples of two countries that don’t have the best coffee, but what about those that do. These 3 countries are known for their coffee and better yet, they are destinations that should be at the top of everyones bucket list.


ethiopian coffee

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The birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is known for it’s sweet fruit flavours and floral aromas. Coffee grows wild here and because of the climate, it is one of the best places for it to grow and be harvested.


kenya coffee

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With it’s amazing quality, Kenyan coffee has unique flavour profiles. It’s black current and berry sweetness is something you won’t find in many other countries.


Coffee Plantation In Colombia

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The unique flavour of Colombian coffee comes from the climate where the beans grow. With many different flavours, the taste of fresh fruit gives that little bit extra to the body.

The Rest of The World

Although Ethiopia, Kenya and Colombia are some of the top 3 countries known for their coffee, a few other countries are giving them a run for their money. Check out “The Definitive Top 10 Coffee-Growing Countries In The World, Ranked By Experts“. The list was put together by some of the worlds leading coffee brewers, drinkers and writers such as Timothy Hill, Lorenzo Perkins, plus more.

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