10 Reasons You Should Be Flying Qatar Airways Business Class

Qatar Airways

Rob, a.k.a. “The Eccentric Englishman” is a travel, wine and photography lover from Britain. Sharing his adventures across the world, Rob features in today’s article on Never Ending Traveller and shares his 10 reasons you should be flying Qatar Airways Business Class. You can follow Rob on Instagram or his travel blog.

Qatar Airways Airbus A380 Airplane

We love flying Qatar Airways long haul! Here are ten reasons to fly Qatar Airways Business Class. And, just to make it clear, I’m not, and never have been employed by Qatar Airways. This is what I spend my own money on.

  • 1 – Welcome Drinks
  • 2 – Space 
  • 3 – Dine on demand 
  • 4 – Goody Bag
  • 5 – Oryx One Entertainment System
  • 6 – Friendly Staff
  • 7 – The Little Details
  • 8 – Good Lounges
  • 9 – Cabin and Mood lighting
  • 10 – You can bring your own Falcon!

1 Welcome Drinks

qatar airways welcome drink

Do I like being made to feel special? Who doesn’t? I enjoy getting to my seat and getting a glass of something nice. Usually, I go for the Brut Rosé which is nicely chilled and refreshing. As you might expect, there are other non-alcoholic drinks available before take off.

2 Space

qatar airways business class

Cabin space in business is great. Of course, depending on what type of plane you are on depends on the amount of space. I’ve flown on Qatar A330’s B777’s and B787’s and my favourite so far is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

There is good storage space on most planes and not surprisingly, the layout is well thought out. As you can see above, there is an open compartment for your shoes on the 777 and a closed drawer compartment on the bottom right on the 787 for same. In my opinion, the 787 has more storage to be sure, for your essential bits and bobs.

As well as storage spaces there are surfaces as well, so your frequently used items you can leave out and use as required without having to dive into drawers. The bed, as you would expect is infinitely adjustable and surprisingly comfortable. When flat, the 787 chair doesn’t feel as if it has as much space as the 777 but there is not a lot in it. As the seat is the place where you will be the most, it is really important!

3 Dine on demand

qatar airways business class

I love the ‘dine on demand’ feature and the quality of the food in general. If you have never experienced it, it goes something like this.

Qatar Staff – ‘Hello Sir, what would you like to eat and when would you like it?’

Me – ‘Oooh, may I have it in an hours time? That way I can have a couple of glasses of that lovely Bordeaux before dinner.’

Qatar Staff – ‘Certainly Sir, As soon as we have taken off, I’ll give bring the wine for you.’

Then as soon as the seat belt signs are off, the wine arrives. They pour a little to let you try it and then they fill your glass. Yes, a glass of course.

The wine selection is excellent. I opted for the Bordeaux, Chateau Branaire-Ducru, a Saint-Julien Grand Cru Classe which retails for around £50 per bottle. There is usually a nice Bordeaux on board before I’ve had a Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte which was exceptionally pleasant and retails around £65 a bottle.

Food selection is of course, amazing. I’ve eaten at worst restaurants! Dine on Demand is a great feature, you choose when to eat!

4 Goody Bag

qatar airways business class

When we flew last it was cancer awareness month, that’s why they were pink. Mostly, I have had grey ones from them before. It’s full of useful stuff Tam tells me.

  • Socks
  • Ear Plugs
  • Lip Balm
  • Eyemask
  • Anti Ageing Moisturiser
  • Hydrating Facial Mist

I rubbed some of the Anti Ageing Moisturiser on my elbow – it’s still wrinkly, so I’m not sure if its any good. As an aside, I’ve always wondered why they don’t test these anti-wrinkle creams on Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones. If the creams took his wrinkles away, you’d know it was good stuff!

5 Oryx One

Oryx one is the entertainment system on board. Full of the latest movie releases, music, games and TV there is something to keep most people amused.

Also, the noise cancelling headphones are great! As can be seen, I had no troubles nodding off. Tam took this picture, at least she got one where I wasn’t covered in my own drool or snoring!

6 Friendly Staff

qatar airways business class

Once you get on the plane and sit down, the Cabin Manager and your personal steward introduce themselves to you. I like this touch. The deportment of the crew makes it feel as if nothing is too much trouble and you feel valued as a person.

7 Details

Qatar Airways seems to be very good with the details. Hot or cold towels as required, not just when you get on the plane. Razors and toothbrushes in the bathrooms. Pyjamas from The White Company, nice slippers are just a few of the little details which make it worthwhile.

8 Good Lounges

The main lounge at Doha is fantastic. It has a lot of space and, for a lounge, good food! Of course, travelling business class will get you into the respective lounge at other airports. However, these are outside of Qatar’s control. For instance, in the Phuket lounge, you had to pay for wine! I just waited until I got on the plane, I wasn’t going to part with money for the substandard merlot they were offering.

9 Cabin and Mood lighting

qatar airways business class

The cabin layout. This is individual to each airline. I’ve not been lucky enough to have a go in the Q-suite yet but I find the B787 layout great.

The B787 lighting is common to all Dreamliners, it supposed to help you acclimatize and reduce jet lag. Qatar also run it on The B777 too. Personally, I love it. When coupled with Qatar Airways interior design, it really works for me!

10 You can bring your own Falcon!


Yes! Even in Economy! Why would you not? To be honest, I’m thinking of buying one just to take on flights! This is, believe it or not, a fairly common thing with Middle Eastern Airlines. The birds have their own passports and are considered the ultimate status symbol! Surprisingly, between 2002 and 2013, the UAE government issued more than 28,000 falcon passports. The Falcons, as you would expect, travel hooded.

Ten Reasons to Fly Qatar Airways Business Class – Conclusions

qatar airways business class

Very few items on the list are exclusive to Qatar Airways but we do like the way it’s all packaged together. That and some very aggressive pricing in their regular sales make it a winner for me. Also, they are part of the Oneworld Alliance so adds to my status to give me extra luggage and lounge access. These are my Ten Reasons to Fly Qatar Airways Business Class. Yay Falcons! As you well know, flying Business Class is an extravagance to be sure, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself and arrive at the end of your journey feeling human.

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    Laurence Baird
    November 25, 2017 at 5:40 am

    Flew Qatar business class once, it was the best flight experience of my life.

    • neverendingtraveller
      December 12, 2018 at 5:25 pm

      Have you flown on the new Qatar Airways Qsuite?

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