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Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina

four seasons resort oahu at ko olina

Travelling to Hawaii for the first time, I wasn’t sure whether to be excited or not. It’s never been on the top of my bucket list and I kinda of thought of the ever popular Waikiki as being the Gold Coast on steroids. Over the 12 years of working in the industry, most of my clients have wanted to go to the overcrowded Honolulu and Waikiki Beach but I wanted something a little bit away from the crowds. The west…

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staying fit and healthy
Travel Tips

Tips For Staying Fit and Healthy While Travelling

Staying fit and healthy while travelling isn’t something you generally focus on right? But did you know you that it’s not hard at all to keep moving and finding the right balance while you are away. Little things from…

How travel changes your perspective
Travel Tips

Why Travelling Makes Your Life Better

Let me remind you of how travel changes your perspective and why travelling makes your life better. Face it, no one who has travelled will come back absolutely hating the experience. Amidst the long flights, losing your life savings…


Q & A with Ben Wilson

Q&A today is with the Founder of this blog – “Never Ending Traveller”, a new travel blog by Ben Wilson. Want to hear about all his travel experiences, hotel stays and why he has a passion for travel? Then keep…